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Announcement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with the government's latest guidelines and after extensive consultation with other churches and church organisations we have reluctantly, but thoughtfully and prayerfully decided that it is wise to follow what all other churches are doing and close all church meetings including our Sunday Services until further notice.
This will not mean that we will stop functioning as a church, but instead we will do things in a different way for the time being. A service will be streamed online on Sunday morning at 11.00am on this website. This way we can continue to worship God and hear His Word.
We would encourage church members to continue to pray at home.

(1) Pray for each other, the church and the nation, that the Lord will bring good out of this adversity and use it to revive His work in the UK and around the world.
(2) Pray for these things with your families in an extended period of prayer on Wednesday, when we usually have our prayer meeting from 7.00pm - 8.30pm.
(3) Please stay in touch with each other through social media. As well as encouraging and praying for each other lets use this isolation period to witness to the lost, to help those in need in our communities and shine as lights in the world during this dark time.
Let's also remember that the Lord is sovereign and therefore in control. He is the Shepherd of His people, hence we need not live in fear, but be wise in our actions and confident in our Saviour.

The elders and deacons of Emmanuel Church

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